Find out all about our loyalty program

Increasing discounts and dedicated prizes for each level. Without complications and without doing anything.

How does it work?

For every euro spent on Bowlpros you get 1 point.

There are 5 levels associated with increasing discounts and benefits that you can use whenever you want.

We will take care of everything: with each order we will update the points you have accumulated and we will notify you with an automatic e-mail every time you reach a new level by sending you the obtained reward.

No cost or commitment is required. Simply subscribe to the newsletter to receive e-mail alerts. You can choose to unsubscribe when you want.

In order to track your points, we recommend to create an account (icon at the top right), using the same email with which you subscribed to the newsletter and with which you usually place your orders.

Levels and Awards

Level 0 entry:

Sign up to the Bowlpros Newsletter to log in, create an account on bowlpros and place your first order.

Level 1:

- Points needed: 100 points

- Reward: 10 £ discount to be used for an order over € 49

Level 2:

- Points needed: 150 points

- Reward: 20% Discount Coupon to be used whenever you want

Level 3:

- Points needed: 200 points

- Reward: Free Shipping Coupon to be used for an order at your choice

Level 4:

- Points needed: 300 points

- Reward: Coupon with 15 £ discount to be used for an order over € 49

Level 5:

- Points needed: 400 points

- Rewards: 25% Discount Coupon to be used whenever you want and surprise Bowlpros Christmas gift on December.

Join our loyalty program

Subscribe to our newsletter, shop and start earning points!


It's really easy!

If you have never made an order on Bowlpros, just subscribe to the newsletter, complete your first purchase and you can monitor the orders by creating an account (icon at the top right)!

If you are already one of our customers, we have automatically registered you and uploaded your points to reward your loyalty (you should have received an email with all the details)!

Every pound spent (shipping and taxes included) is equal to one point and orders with decimal values are rounded down. For example, if your last order was 71.60£ you will get 71 points in the program.

Furthermore, in case of refunds, the spent amount will be automatically deducted and consequently the points will be not accumulated.

You can unsubscribe at any time using this form:

It will take up to 72 hours to process your request and you will no longer receive communications and rewards related to the initiative.

We remind you that through this form you are unsubscribed only from the loyalty program and not from Bowlpros newsletter.

No extra costs and no fees to be paid to subscribe :)

You will receive an automatic email with your reward inside and a quick explanation how to use it. We have prepared a reward for each point exceeding threshold according to the levels explained on this page.

Yes, we have loaded points for all our customers, even those who have not subscribed to the newsletter.

At the moment this is not available. Each reward can only be used by the customer who received it and has reached the threshold to use it.

Make sure you always use the same email to subscribe to the newsletter and to make your purchases in order to keep all communications and points counted together.

At the moment this possibility is not available and each reward can only be used by the customer who received and has reached the threshold to use it.

All coupons offering percentage discounts are not valid during the balance periods and cannot be combined with other promotions in progress. Coupons do not expire and they will be yours forever!

Very simple: create an account and always place orders after logging in with the same address. On your personal page you will be able to see the total of the orders which is equivalent to the total earned points.