Wholesale enquiries


Bowlpros was born with the idea to bring the best Bowls and the tastiest ingredients into everyday life.

That's why we strongly believe that, as well as in our homes, Coconut Bowls can bring a wave of tropical atmosphere also in beautiful patisseries, ice cream shops, B&Bs, cafes, shops and many other places that we probably haven't thought yet.
We have prepared a wholesale price list dedicated to all companies and artisans who want to include our Bowlpros accessories and ingredients in their business.
If you want to talk with us, write us an email to b2b@bowlpros.com and tell us what you have in mind. We will be super happy to work together.
Let's Bowl :)

Important Notes: At the moment the online resale of our products is not allowed. We will not accept purchase requests from Online Store.