Ethics & Sustainability

Our company mission is to make you fully dive into the world of bowls, creating healthy and at the same time tasty ingredients that enrich your lifestyle. Pursuing our goals, we also believe it is essential to commit ourselves respecting and promoting practices and initiatives that can produce a positive impact on the environment and that they are sustainable. Here we tell you about our way of doing Bowl and Food, based on principles of ethics and sustainability, and the initiatives we implement, from the supply chain to packaging, to build an increasingly green brand.

At Bowlpros, we strongly believe in the environmental impact that bowls can have on the environment, society and culture. Our story was born during a trip to tropical beaches, where we were able to observe with our own eyes how many coconuts were thrown away and how they could be recycled into containers to eat. About 99% of all coconuts grown each year are discarded, so we decided to create a partnership with local artisans to bring our beautiful bowls to life. It is therefore not “just” about recycling coconuts, but about bringing them back to life with a new purpose, in the form of “zero impact” bowls and cutlery. We want to show the world that it is possible to create something beautiful starting from eco-sustainable materials.

We ensure that our employees can operate in optimal conditions, in good health and that their working conditions comply with the basic code of ethical trade, guaranteeing fair wages, a good working environment and gender equality. We work closely with our suppliers to seek strategies that allow us to minimize carbon emissions. Our goal is to support farmers and producers who participate in regenerative practices, which give the land more than they take away.

We try to use only eco-sustainable packaging. All our bowls and candles are wrapped in recycled paper and orders are shipped to customers in reusable cardboard boxes. As regards the packaging of our food products, our goal is to make them reach our customers safe and in excellent condition. If the products deteriorate they will contribute to produce waste and consequently the environmental cost would increase. On many of our food products we have also introduced large " bulk "versions which therefore reduce the consumption of packaging and make our customers happy for longer.

Bowlpros is therefore not just a brand, but through the recycling of materials already present on the earth, a socially responsible ethics and packaging as sustainable as possible, it promotes a healthy lifestyle aimed at increasing everyone's environmental awareness and demonstrating the principles of 'being a “zero impact” company. In November 2020 we partnered with and started growing our Bowlpros forest by planting trees in Africa. Today we continue to impose ourselves to support all kinds of environmentally friendly movements.