Coconut Bowls

Translation File - EN.XLSXShareFileEditViewInsertFormatDataToolsHelpLast edit was made yesterday at 10:13 AM by Wendy Culotta$%123CalibriOur bowls are made using real recycled coconut shells.

First we work them by hand by sandblasting to make them smooth and then we polish them with coconut oil to nourish the fibers of the wood and give them their characteristic deep, dark and brown color.

All bowls come from sustainable palm crops in Southeast Asia, where they are often discarded by food companies. We recover them and give them new life by transforming them into super tropical bowls. Screen reader support enabled.Delivery Dates1.Products1.Product Page General1.Theme Language1.Tags1.Collection pages2. Header-Footer2. Homepage2. Pages3. Accordions3. Stamped4. Gorgias3. Back in StockEU cookie bar5. FAQS prodotti5. FAQs 6. RicetteExploreOur bowls are made using real recycled coconut shells.

First we work them by hand by sandblasting to make them smooth and then we polish them with coconut oil to nourish the fibers of the wood and give them their characteristic deep, dark and brown color.

All bowls come from sustainable palm crops in Southeast Asia, where they are often discarded by food companies. We recover them and give them new life by transforming them into super tropical bowls. Turn on screen reader supportHomeFileInsertPage LayoutFormulasDataReviewViewEditViewInsertFormatDataTools

Bowls are perfect to hold any cold or room temperature food. However, we do not recommend using them with foods that are too hot or liquid as they could break or get damaged.


Perfect for smoothies bowl and smoothies, salads, yogurt, overnight oat, poke bowl ...

Avoid super hot porridge, pureed soups, soups, hot milk ...

We have 3 models:

The Jumbo bowl is the biggest in the collection. It has a diameter of 14-16 cm and is about 7-7.5 cm deep. The capacity is 900 ml. Perfect for
Smoothies, big portions of Porridge, Yogurt and Poke Bowl / Mixed Salads.

The Tropical bowl is our medium-sized bowl, ideal for breakfast and versatile for any type of meal. It has a diameter of 12-14 cm and is about 4.5-5 cm deep. The capacity is 600 ml.

The Beach bowl is our small size bowl. However, its shape is so rounded that makes it spacious
enough and ideal to be held in your hand for snacks, desserts and
appetizers. It has a diameter of 10-12 cm and is about 6-6.5 cm deep. The capacity is 500 ml.

Perfectly normal! Each bowl is handcrafted using only real natural coconuts.

Coconuts can have slightly different shapes and handcrafting makes each of them unique in the shape, color shade and the wood grain. It is actually this diversity that makes them unique and special… just like you ✨

Wooden Bowls

We make our wooden bowls from Palm Tree or Mahogany wood, starting from offcuts of wood molded in the shape of a bowl and then sandblasted with special tools to make the surface as smooth as possible. They are then polished with vegetable oil to enhance their characteristic color and nourish the wood fibers.

Palm wood is very resistant and full of tropical charm. In the equatorial regions the palms are continuously uprooted and replaced to cultivate the coconut trees so this makes palm wood a sustainable material. We love coconuts, you know, but we also want to help give a new life to these spectacular trunk offcuts by transforming them into beautiful bowls.

Mahogany wood is one of the strongest tropical woods and lasts for a lifetime! Usually it is used to make long lasting furniture, we reclaim the offcuts and turn them into lovely bowls!

Palm and Mahogany bowls can be used for both hot and cold food. They are ideal for smoothie bowls, yogurt, overnight porridge, Pokè and mixed salads but you can also enjoy hot porridge, pasta or rice.

The only recipes we advise against for Palm Bowls are those in which there is a high quantity of very hot liquid, such as soups and broths. This is because wood is a natural material and the boiling liquid could penetrate the fibers and be absorbed, with the risk to ruin the bowl in the long run.

Mahogany Bowls can be used for all meals, boiling soups too.

We have 3 models of Palm Bowls: 

Palm Bowl Small: 14 cm diameter and 5.5 cm height. Perfect for light breakfasts and snacks.

Palm Bowl Medium: 16 cm diameter and 6 cm height. Born for abundant smoothie bowls, yogurt bowls and porridges.

Palm Bowl Large: diameter 18 cm and 6.5-7 cm height. Excellent for salads, poke or mixed bowls as a single dish. Also, as a fruit centerpiece will unleash the envy of your grandmothers :)

Mahogany Bowl Small: diameter 13cm x height 6.5cm

Mahogany Bowl Medium: diameter 16cm x height 7.5cm

Mahogany Bowl Big: diameter 20cm x height 8.5cm

Cutlery and Accessories

Forks: length 16 cm and width 3 cm

Spoons: length 16 cm

Chopsticks: length 24 cm and width 0.5 cm

Available in 2 types of wood: the Palm version made from coconut palm wood and the Ebony version, made from ebony wood.

And finally, obviously the Bamboo Straws: length 19 cm and diameter 8 mm

Washing and Care of Bowl and Cutlery

The best way to clean your bowls is to wash them by hand with a sponge, dish soap and cold running water.

We do not recommend keeping them immersed in water or washing them in the dishwasher as high temperatures and prolonged immersion could break or damage the Bowl

Bowls and cutlery no. Boiling water could possibly risk breaking or damaging them.

Straws, on the other hand, yes. They can be submerged for up to 1 minute. Bamboo is tough enough to be submerged in boiling water.

No, our bowls and cutlery are made with natural woods and exposure to such high temperatures would risk breaking or damaging them.

No, we do not recommend keeping them in the refrigerator or freezer for prolonged periods as they could get damaged due to very low temperatures. At most you can keep them for a couple of hours in the fridge to make cold recipes like cold porridge.

During the production process, the bowls and cutlery are polished with vegetable oil to keep the wood hydrated and with its natural color.

You can do the same thing at home every 20-30 uses, scrubbing them with a dish cloth.

Of course, all our bowls and cutlery are MOCA certified (safe materials and objects for food use) according to Italian and European regulations. You can use them without worries 😎

Ingredients and Foods

One of our most important missions is to travel around the world looking for the best raw materials. Some are grown in Italy, our home base, but the soul of Bowlpros is global. Each product comes from a different place: macadamia from Australia, pecans from the USA, coconut from Sri Lanka and cocoa from the Amazon rainforest.

We search, select and then work everything in Italy in collaboration with several farms to transform and package them in full Bowlpros style.

For each product you will find all the details in its description and on the label.
We search, select and then process everything in Italy by collaborating with various farms to transform and package them in full Bowlpros style.

For each product there is more detail in its product page and label.

For each product you will find this info in the description and on the label visible among the photos.

Not all. Organic is a great revolution but it is also often difficult for the local farms we work with as it lowers yields and increases prices but there is not always an increase in quality and taste, especially when it comes to excellence, historical, territorial and cultivated as it once for Piedmontese hazelnut or Sicilian almond (which in our opinion are already the top of the top even if not organic).

Our goal is always to choose the best possible product, regardless the certifications.For example, all our Granola is organic, as well as coconut and criollo cocoa.Dried fruit and dried fruit creams, on the other hand, are not. We found them perfect as they are. Grown by small farms with traditional methods.To see if one of our products is certified organic, always refer to the product description or label on the site.

In order to see if a product is certified " Gluten Free " always refer to the allergen list and the wording " Gluten Free " on the label.

For example, our Granola is gluten-free.

Many other products, on the other hand, such as Dried Fruit and Dried Fruit Creams, are naturally gluten-free and processed in factories without risk of contact. However, they are not certified on a laboratory basis and, even though the likelihood of contamination is very very remote, we still do not say " Gluten Free "

On each product page there is a list of ingredients and allergens.

You can also find it on the label, which can be consulted in the products page photos.

Basically all our products are dry and have a long shelf life. We produce on a monthly basis to sell only ingredients that are as fresher as possible. Usually the deadlines are abundant and range from 6 months for granola to 12 months for creams and dried fruit.

Once the product has been received, the precise expiry date when closed can be consulted on the label.

When open, however, we recommend consuming them all within 3-4 weeks to enjoy them to the fullest.

You can store them all in a kitchen pantry or any dry place away from sources of light and heat.

In the summer, the creams can also be stored in the refrigerator if you like them fresher and thicker, but it's optional :)

Absolutely yes. Indeed it is a sign of quality :) Our creams are based on dried fruit and we do not use emulsifiers or thickeners. When kept in the pantry, the dried fruit oils separate from the paste and go to the surface. It will be enough to give it a good stir to make everything super creamy again.

Coco Candles

Coco Candles are made with natural coconut wax blended with scented aromas based on the chosen fragrance. The container is a real recycled coconut shell. The wick, on the other hand, is made of crisp wood, a natural material that when it burns crackles and sounds like a little fireplace :)

The candle has a diameter of 11cm and is 7cm high. Contains about 300 g of wax.

Yes, a little bit, because the coconut shell is a natural and woody material and over time it absorbs the aromas and hot liquids of the melted wax which makes the shell moist during use. We therefore recommend that you keep it resting on a saucer or candle holder to be sure not to make dirty the surface on which it is placed.

Our soft scents are: coconut, tropical fruits, vanilla and caramel&pecan.

Our more intense scents are: toasted coconut, sandalwood, cinnamon, jasmine, cocoa, coffee, mango and lime.

Of course! Once the candle is finished you can use the coconut as a tray for objects but not for food use.  This is because coconut wood is a porous material which, even if in small quantity, absorbs a little bit of the liquids of the melted wax which make the bowl unsuitable for food use. Some ideas for reuse are for example as a storage box or as a cactus pot.

This sometimes happens, even if rarely, as it can happen with all types of candles. For example in our case, if the coconut shell is too big or irregular. In jargon it is called "little well". To fix it, the trick is very simple: just keep it on for a couple of hours with the shell wrapped in aluminum foil (leaving the flame free). The heat will thus remain trapped inside the shell and the wax will melt evenly again.

Candle Holders

They are recycled coconut shells transformed into a candle holders that create fantastic lighting effects. Seeing is believing 😍

The use is very simple: light your candle or tea light and insert it in your fantastic Candle Holder to create the magic

Our Candle Holders have a diameter of about 10-12 cm and height of about 7 cm and can be used with any scented candle or tea light that can fit inside

No. The choice of the fragrance to add is up to you;)

Doubts or questions

For questions or customer support write to us whenever you want at We will be super happy to help you and answer your questions.

We will read your message and get back to you as quickly as possible. In most cases within 1 business day.