History and Mission

We got the idea to create ​​Bowlpros traveling to tropical countries in search of the wildest destinations and spots with the best natural conditions for surfing and kitesurfing.

We discovered the first bowls in Zanzibar, along the paradisiacal coasts of the Indian Ocean where Yanni taught Kitesurf. Here a kind, elderly lady served lunches on the beach, taking vegetables, rice and tropical fruit with her in a large rope basket. One day, coming out of the water, we noticed the locals carrying coconut shells with them used as containers for eating.

Do you know what Yanni did? He climbed a palm tree like a real local, took a coconut, cleaned it and voilà, our first bowl came to life. It is not a coincidence that the first Bowlpros collection was made using coconut shells. The bond is very romantic.
Our curiosity for bowls grows more and more. Carlo, who has always been passionate about food, nature and sustainability, begins to immerse himself completely in a world made of incredible tastes and colors. He makes us discover smoothie bowls, oatmeal bowls and crazy ingredients such as granola, creams and tropical fruits.

Then Davide, passionate of technology, joins the team and pushes the two to bring the world of Bowls to Europe to allow everyone to fully explore them and live this experience to the fullest.

This is the romantic story but the adventure has just begun!
Carlo, Yanni and Davide - Bowlpros Co-founders