About Us

The idea of Bowlpros started buzzing into our mind while travelling across tropical places in search of wild spots and destinations, offering the best natural conditions for surfing and kitesurfing

We came across the first bowls while lying on the tropical beaches of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar, where Yanni was teaching kitesurfing. At the time a kind native old lady was offering lunches on the beach, of cooked vegetables, rice and tropical fruits from a jute basket, but she provided no dishes or cutlery.  One day coming out of the water we resolved the mystery when we saw the locals approaching the lady with coconut shells to fill up with food instead of plates!

Want to know what Yanni did after that? He climbed up a palm tree just like the locals, cut a coconut, cleaned it and voilà, our first bowl was born! It is not by chance that our first collection of Bowlpros was launched using recycled coconut shells. The bond is strikingly romantic!

Increasing spirit of inquiry did the rest…

Carlo, always passionate about food, nature and sustainability started to immerge wholeheartedly in an ocean of different exotic tastes and amazing colors. He led us to discover colorful smoothie bowl recipes, oatmeal bowls and other super healthy foods like granola, nut creams and tropical fruits.

Davide joins the team with his expertise and passion in technology, and pushes his 2 partners to take Bowlpros to the next level and permit to all Bowl Lovers around the world to explore and live in full this experience.

This is our romantic story, however, the adventure has just started!

Carlo, Yanni and Davide – Co-founders of Bowlpros